IMMTI Graduates: Eligible to Complete their Studies in Canada at CCMH/WCCMT

The International Medical Massage Therapy Institute (IMMTI) curriculum is based on the four module, five hundred hour program of the Louisina Institute of Massage Therapy.  The five hundred hour training model is accepted in the United States in 38 States.  The IMMTI Curriculum is designed by internationally acclaimed Susan Salvo and will be taught by top Canadian and American educators.  

The IMMTI program will create a new health care profession and employment in India. These drugless practitioners will provide internationally standardized effective and affordable healthcare. The training they receive is based on decades of scientific research and will allow them to flourish in India and open doors internationally. Touch is the fundamental medium of massage therapy. Physical touch and healing is the foundational element of human development and culture.

The IMMTI program is an US approved school and curriculum that will open doors for job placememts both in India and abroad.  The IMMTI curriculum is available for both week day and week end programs and can be completed between 7 and 11 months.  

HDFC Bank is to provide funding to approved candidates.